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What People are Saying

“Ann Eidson has been a great and wonderful coach along with her coaching team. Under her leadership and coaching techniques, my daughter Madison has improved and transformed from a regular learn to skate kid to a highly competitive skater. Under her leadership and coaching team, Madison won her first Upper Great Lake Regional competition (non-qualified  level) when she was 8 years old. She continued on to win her first Minnesota State Championship title at 9 yrs old .
Patrick Xaphakdy

Skating Parent, Scientific Technical Data Specialist

“For the past 7 years, Ann has guided my daughter and served as a great role model both on and off the ice. She and Ben’s great coaching technique has truly transformed Diana’s skating and brought enormous improvements in an efficient way. Ann is able to teach Diana to use every minute of training, which has led her to 3 state titles and 2 national competitions. Ann is a great coach.”
Yan Zhuang

Skating Mom

“Ann is an inspiring, encouraging, and amazing coach. She and her coaching team’s creative and systematic training approaches have transformed my two kids from recreational skaters to competitive skaters (sectional medalists and national competitors) in two and half years. Without Ann and Ben, my kids would never even dreamed about what they have accomplished. We are so looking forward to the next adventures that Ann and Ben are taking us to.”
Shuhui Wang

Skating Mom, Scientist - UCLA